‘special’ show for Monsolana(Monsolina)

Very ‘special’ show. According to RKF rules every dog should be shown before beeing bred.
And this is how our ‘best’ and ‘famous’ breeder Monsolana (Monsolina) shows her own dogs.
None of the dogs in the show catalog is real! Not discussing the temperament which should be qualified as disqualifying fault, but if the ‘fake’ dogs look like this, what do the real dogs which should have been shown instead of these look like?
And there will be puppies with the dogs from catalog as parents… nobody knows who will be the real parents again. Fake shows… fake pedigrees again

The dogs are:
Aaronwell Action Man (Redola Hot of the press to Aaronwell actually)
Monsolana Topaz Blue (Monsolina Say My Name actually)
MONSOLANA MADE IN RUSSIA FOR AARONWELL (couldn’t find who is the actual dog)
Monsolana Alpine Snow (Monsolana Toy for You actually)
The first and third owned by Congdon, the others by Buldakova.
All the pictures of real dogs can be found in the web

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