Monsolana or Monsolina?

Due to many complaints to the RKF on Buldakova (Lepikhina) Olga, owner of Monsolana (Monsolana). She is afraid that for all violations of her nursery may be debarred from breeding registered on his friend Victoria Naumova, another prefix – Monsolina (Monsolina), consonant with the word Monsolana (Monsolana).
V. Naumova is fictitious breeder and owner, breeder and owner of the actual dog with the prefix Monsolina (Monsolina) is Buldakova (Lepikhina) Olga.

Dogs with prefix Monsolina (Monsolina) and Monsolana (Monsolana) live and grow in Buldakova (Lepikhina) Olga Vladimirovna in the country, away from the place of residence of the Buldakova Olga.
Monsolana (Monsolana) = Monsolina (Monsolina)

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