(Русский) Новая грустная история о заводчике Булдаковой! Питомник MONSOLANA-MONSOLINA

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(Русский) Последняя скандальная история со щенком от Monsolana Alpine Snow ( Аляска ) в Питере

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

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The next unhappy monsolana’s victum


It is necessary to post this information in all European FB groups. Olga Buldakova put the puppies under another parents, which often might be dead, changing the dates of birth litters, mating too young dogs (Buldakova use for stud from 11-12 months old bitches!), Genetick autoimmune diseases in puppies, dermatitis and eczema etc. European owners do not leave out the veterinarian clinics. The only one use at stud of blind MONSOLANA BONJOUR PARIS with coloboma (she knows that!!!) deserves discvalification for breeding! Many people know about it and will still continue to buy pups and use collies from Monsolana-Monsolina.

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‘special’ show for Monsolana(Monsolina)

Very ‘special’ show. According to RKF rules every dog should be shown before beeing bred.
And this is how our ‘best’ and ‘famous’ breeder Monsolana (Monsolina) shows her own dogs.
None of the dogs in the show catalog is real! Not discussing the temperament which should be qualified as disqualifying fault, but if the ‘fake’ dogs look like this, what do the real dogs which should have been shown instead of these look like?
And there will be puppies with the dogs from catalog as parents… nobody knows who will be the real parents again. Fake shows… fake pedigrees again

The dogs are:
Aaronwell Action Man (Redola Hot of the press to Aaronwell actually)
Monsolana Topaz Blue (Monsolina Say My Name actually)
MONSOLANA MADE IN RUSSIA FOR AARONWELL (couldn’t find who is the actual dog)
Monsolana Alpine Snow (Monsolana Toy for You actually)
The first and third owned by Congdon, the others by Buldakova.
All the pictures of real dogs can be found in the web

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Monsolana or Monsolina?

Due to many complaints to the RKF on Buldakova (Lepikhina) Olga, owner of Monsolana (Monsolana). She is afraid that for all violations of her nursery may be debarred from breeding registered on his friend Victoria Naumova, another prefix – Monsolina (Monsolina), consonant with the word Monsolana (Monsolana).
V. Naumova is fictitious breeder and owner, breeder and owner of the actual dog with the prefix Monsolina (Monsolina) is Buldakova (Lepikhina) Olga.

Dogs with prefix Monsolina (Monsolina) and Monsolana (Monsolana) live and grow in Buldakova (Lepikhina) Olga Vladimirovna in the country, away from the place of residence of the Buldakova Olga.
Monsolana (Monsolana) = Monsolina (Monsolina)

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Caution Monsolana

You’d like to buy a cute and beautiful collie puppy? And, most importantly, a HEALTHY one!? How to make your choice, where shouldn’t you make errors? I am going to share my story, perhaps it will help you.

There is a kennel called Monsolana (city of Glazov, Udmurt Republic). Its owner’s name is Buldakova Olga. It was this kennel that we opted for. Beautiful dogs, beautiful puppies.

The puppy came to us, we were happy, as we had awaited this event much. However, strangely enough, the puppy was thin and did not play with us. She was just lying and eating. Her eyes were strongly festering, and the puppy was tearing hair out of itself. Of course, we’ve asked Olga Buldakova about the puppy’s condition. We were reassured that the puppy had acclimatization and a stress due to the move. But she was healthy! Being naive, we believed the breeder for some time.

Since the puppy’s condition still raised doubt, we’ve made a stool test, and the puppy appeared to be strongly wormed. We’ve eliminated worms, made the biochemical blood work, an ultrasound investigation. The measurements were bad. Liver and kidneys, and gallbladder, and pancreas required medical treatment. What was the reason for such poor condition of the puppy? Because you know, shortly before the arrival, she had been made vaccinations, and she should had been dewormed before the vaccinations.

It has turned out that we had a counterfeit veterinary passport:

поддельная вет книжка

поддельная вет книжка

An expired vaccine, an unknown Vetzashchita NPO stamp and an unknown signature of some Kozhevnikova. I’ve contacted the organization mentioned on the stamp, – they have nothing to deal with this stamp.

The puppy needs to be re-vaccinated. But vaccination can’t be done before she recovers, gets better.

And, perhaps, those are the consequences of the parvoviral enteritis the puppy had suffered in the kennel, and the puppy was not made recover after the illness? For some reason, they forgot to tell us about it when we were making the purchase. But the truth came to light, even though after 1.5 month.

A photo of our puppy in the kennel, with legs shaved for intravenous injections:


Interesting story from the Internet.

That’s the puppy that came from a kennel Monsolana with frostbitten hindquarters.


The full story is here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/russia.collies/permalink/320830227960447/

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